Sunday, August 28, 2011

sleep over!

Ohh the other night the girls were all playing together so good, and it was just so cute. They had a late nap that afternoon and I thought maybe.. just maybe they could have a sleepover in Taylor's room [she is the only one with a dvd player hooked up right now]

the idea was an instant hit of course..
all 4 of my girls getting ready to watch the magic school bus. Aww so cute!

Taylor Belle looking for a teddy to snuggle with! :O)

Aw don't they look so well behaved like they are going to actually sleep! haha no way...

Emma get out of the way!!

then they kept getting after Emma for walking on top of them...

silly girls on the move!

The sleepover was not a success and everyone was sent to there separate rooms around 11 when no one was showing signs of sleepiness haha but they had a blast hanging out and pretending to have a sleepover! So cute. <3

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